Protect yourself against pest birds

Swiffy Output
Cable Bird®
Made in France

• An ingenious patent, simple collage (no need to drill the support) and your surface is protected from pigeons, in all discretion.
• Ideal for window ledges, guardrails.

Cable Bird Cable Bird
  • Building, 3rd district

    France, Paris
    Black 50mm mesh sheet net

  • LCL

    France, Paris
    Dépigeonal Ultra 2
    LCL bank, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

  • Scribe hotel

    France, Paris
    Ecopic E2
    Scribe hotel, Opera of Paris

  • Tours station

    France, Tours
    Birdwire system

  • Vatican

    Italy, Vatican
    Black 50mm mesh net

  • Louis Vuitton

    France, Paris
    Cable Bird Wire 2
    Louis Vuitton, store Ave. Champs-Elysées